General Appearance (and Type)
GENERAL APPEARANCE:  The Icelandic Sheepdog is a Nordic herding Spitz, slightly under
medium sized with prick ears and a curled tail.  Seen from the side the dog is rectangular.  The
expression is gentle, intelligent and happy. A confident and lively bearing is typical for this dog.
There are two types of coat, long and short, both thick and extremely weatherproof. There is a
marked difference in appearance between the sexes
High set tail, curled on the back
Pricked, mobile ears
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Iceland, Best of Breed and Best of Opposite, August 22nd 2009
Judge Sigríður Pétursdóttir
2009 ISAA National
ISAA National 2009
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Judge Guðrún R. Guðjohnsen wrote: Coat: medium (short length)
fawn-reddish with white markings, Head: good, triangular, Bite/Mouth:
correct, Eyes: beautiful, brown eyes, Ears: [a] tiny bit too big, Chest:
good, Front angulation: good, Back angulation: good, Top Line: level, Tail:
Correct, Movement: Moves well.
Judge Guðrún R. Guðjohnsen wrote: Coat: long. Light fawn with black
mask and black tips, Head: good expression, Bite/Mouth: correct,
Eyes: dark, Ears: correct, Chest: good, Front: good, Back: good,
Topline: correct, Tail: correct, Movement: good.
SIFK’s Special Show in Borås 1 July 2007 - Judge Sigríður Pétursdóttir  
wrote: 42 cm tall (16.54 in). Feminine bitch of good type. Very good
proportions in head and body. Has good front leg movements but a little
bit narrow at rear. Firm top line. Good fur quality. Double dew claws.
Carries the tail well over her back.
From the AKC Standard
2009 ISAA National Speciality: BOS
Judge Guðrún R. Guðjohnsen wrote:  Coat: Long, pied; Head:
Triangular, good expression; Bite/Mouth: Correct; Eyes: Good,
dark; Ears: Nice, correct size; Chest: Well-sprung; Front
angulation: Good; Back angulation: Good; Topline: Level &
Strong; Tail: Correct; Movement: Good
May, 2008 DKK Show. Judge Hans-Åke Sperne wrote: CHAMPION
Small bitch with very good proportions. Very feminine head with a very nice
expression and a very nice look. Could have stronger ears. Fine neck. Well
shaped chest, which could have been longer instead of the long lower back.
Very well placed and well carried tail. Matching legs. Double dew claws.
Dense but open coat. Narrow but good leg movements. Well presented.
SIFK’s Special Show in Borås 1 July 2007 –  Judge Sigríður Pétursdóttir
wrote 42.5 cm tall (16.73 in). Female bitch with beautiful expression.
Good ears. Good and well set neck.  Stabile body. Good bones. Wish
better angles in front and rear, but moves otherwise rather well. Double
dew claw one side, grown together on the other side. Good fur quality.
ISAA National 2009. Judge Guðrún R. Guðjohnsen wrote:  Overall: very
good; Coat: long coat, fawn with white markings and black mask; Head:
beautiful head and expression; Bite/Mouth: correct; Eyes: good; Ears:
excellent; Chest: good for age; Angulation: Both back and front good;
Topline: strong and level; Tail: correct; Movement: excellent.
© Brynhildur Inga, used with permission.
Iceland, Judge Guðrún R. Guðjohnsen wrote: Male dog (rt) of a very
good type. Head pretty good, good ears, very dignified and handsome,
good [top line], tail excellent, good bones, movement very light and
good, good quality of coat - short haired, single dew claws.
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Iceland - January, 2008 Judge: Sigríður Pétursdóttir noted: Very beautiful bitch, typical
Icelandic with all the charisma, nice expression, good ears, excellent neck, strong back,
good bone structure, good ribcage, strong well developed and connected  dew claws.
Good coat. Excellent.  
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