TEMPERAMENT: The Icelandic Sheepdog is a hardy and agile herding dog which barks, making it
extremely useful for herding or driving livestock in the pastures, in the mountains or finding lost sheep.
The Icelandic Sheepdog is by nature very alert and will always give visitors an enthusiastic welcome
without being aggressive. Hunting instincts are not strong. The Icelandic Sheepdog is cheerful, friendly,
inquisitive, playful and unafraid. A confident and lively bearing is typical for this dog.
2009 ISAA National
2009 ISAA National
Judge Guðrún R. Guðjohnsen wrote: Puppy Male,
Black and White, Overall Impression: Good Type
- overall good, Coat: med long, good texture,
Head: nice head, Bite/Mouth: correct, Eyes: dark,
Ears: a bit too large but may grow into, Chest:
Good for age, Front angulation: good, Back
angulation: good, Topline: level and strong, Tail:
well set, well placed, should curve a little better on
back, Movement: Moves well
Judge Guðrún R. Guðjohnsen wrote: Puppy Bitch,
Coat: med (short), fawn with black and white
markings, Head: a bit too thin, long muzzle,
Bite/Mouth: Correct, Eyes: Correct, beautiful, Ears:
a bit big, Chest: good for age, Front angulation:
wish better, Back angulation: good, Topline: good,
Tail: okay, Movement: Excellent
ISAA National 2009 Altered Bitch. Judge Guðrún R. Guðjohnsen wrote: Coat: long
reddish fawn with white markings and black tips; Head: good, triangular; correct
length of nose; Bite/Mouth:scissors - correct; Eyes: beautiful, dark; Ears: good
setting, correct; Chest: well sprung; Front Angulation: good; Back Angulation - good;
Top Line - level and strong; Tail - correct; Movement - good
ISAA National 2009   Altered Dog. Judge Guðrún R. Guðjohnsen wrote: Coat:
Med reddish fawn with white markings; Head: good; Bite/Teeth: Correct; Eyes:
Good - Dark; Ears: Correct; Chest: Could be better sprung; Front angulation: Wish
better angulation; Back: Good; Topline: Good; Tail: Correct; Movement: Beautiful.
Iceland, Veteran Class: Judge Hans Åke Sperne wrote: 9 year old veteran bitch of very
good type. Feminine but has a head that should be filled out a bit more. Well pigmented.
Well developed chest and loin. Suitable croup. Well set tail. Open angulation in front and
rear. Scissor bite. Coat not in best condition on the day. Double dewclaws. Stands
slightly toed out in back. Moves a bit cowhocked and with short steps in front.
Slightly broad in front. July 27, 1997
Iceland, Best in Show. Became ISCH at this show. Judge Guðrún R. Guðjohnsen  
wrote: 2 year old bitch, very well made – extremely good head – beautiful shaped
head – strong muzzle, good ears, beautiful dark eyes and pigmentation, typical mild
expression. Very good neck and back-line, nice tailset, good angulation both front
and back. Beautiful overall look and good bone structure. Correct bite, very good
coat, double dew-claws, moves light and fluent.
From the AKC Standard
2009 ISAA National - Puppy male, Judge Guðrún R. Guðjohnsen commented:
Pied. Coat: Long, Head: Good; Bite/Mouth: Correct; Eyes: Correct; Ears:
Correct, size a little wide set; Chest: good for age.
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   Mother and Daughter (evaluation on hindquarters page)
2009 ISAA National: Open Class Bitches. First Place. Judge Guðrún R. Guðjohnsen wrote:
Coat: medium, black and white; Head: good; Bite: mouth correct; Eyes: brown, wish a bit darker;
Ears: correct; Chest: good; Front Angulation: good; Back Angulation: Could be a bit
more [angulated] in back; Topline: Level, good; Movement: good, [moves] well.
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