Size, Proportion, Substance
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SIZE, PROPORTION, SUBSTANCE: Ideal height: Dogs 18”; Bitches 16 ½”. Rectangular and strong. Seen
from the side, the dog is rectangular, the length of the body measured from the point of shoulder to point of
buttock is greater than the height at the withers. The depth of the chest is equal to the length of the foreleg.
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Iceland, Best of Breed and Best of Opposite, August 23rd 2009
Judge Guðrún R. Guðjohnsen
Good type and General Apperance
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DÍF (Breed Club - Iceland) show, 1.20.08. Champion Class Bitch: Judge
Sigríður Pétursdóttir wrote that she was a worthy champion (champion
quality). Extremely pretty bitch that has all the qualities that an Icelandic
bitch should have, figures and movements, colours, prima coat type.
May, 2008 DKK Show. Judge Hans-Åke Sperne wrote:  MALE; GOOD
Very masculine but small stud. very well body with clearly defined gender. Short
nose, very strong neck and well developed body. Matching legs. Double dew claws.
too sloping croup and open tail. Excellent coat coat which isn’t in it’s best condition
today. Good movements. Good knees and good angulated. Good temper. Tail too
open during movement.
2009 ISAA National, Veteran. Judge Guðrún R. Guðjohnsen wrote: Coat: reddish, fawn
with white markings; Head: excellent; Bite/Mouth: correct; Eyes: beautiful, dark; Ears: good
size; Chest: well sprung; Front angulation: good; Back angulation: good, Topline: level; Tail:
a bit low set, well curled; Movement: excellent, especially for an old man.
     Correct  (Rectangular)
 Not long enough
    Too long            
From the AKC Standard
Iceland - 2010 Best in Show - Icelandic Kennel Club - June 2010 (Photo submitted by DIF)
Judge Paul Stanton noted medium size.  Excellent balance.  Lovely expression. Excellent Eyes
and pigment. Good neck.  Very good bone and feet. Excellent body. Good tail. Excellent hind
angulation. Super side movement.  Loose in front. Beautiful coat & condition.
Excellent temperament. (Also pictured in banner above at far right)
DCNH (Germany) Best Male. For evaluation, go to Neck,
Topline, Body page
May, 2008 DKK Show. Judge Hans-Åke Sperne wrote: OPEN CLASS MALE; EXCELLENT
Small, a little long, but very well looking stud. Well shaped head with a lovely expression. Could
have a wider skull. Correct bite, wonderful ears. Lovely neck. A little long lower back. Excellent
chest and matching legs. Excellent tail. Double dew claws. Energetic movement.
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