Q & A for Breeders 4.2.08
Hello all,

We have received feedback that at least one person is upset with the "change in rules". There has been no
change. We added the BRCC to cover you better but changed no rules.

The BRCC is applying the rules as written by the past BOD. If the rules are not working, let's look at the
issues as a group. Our template was handed to us by the prior BOD, so we are utilizing that unless we hear
feedback regarding changes that need to be made.

We are not aware of what happened in the past, but trust that people did the best they could with the tools
they had. Regardless, we need to test the system and see what is working before making changes. We
would like to include you in this process.

We want to put systems in place that will be of help to you. The BRCC is an attempt to do just that. As
previously noted, it is a checks and balances system, doesn't put too much work on one volunteer and any
member of the committee can cover for another at any time. That means you get better service.

We would like nothing more than to hear from you about what is working and what is not. So, if you are
happy, please share that with us. If you are not, let us know what you would like to see changed. Please be
as specific as possible.

If we answer your questions, it is helpful if you let us know. If we don't, please ask again. Again, without
feedback, we can only guess that we have answered your concerns.  

We continue to receive questions and believe it is best to answer them publicly, for everyone. We apologize
for any repeated information, but feel it is important to put it out again at the risk of repetition. This is the
latest batch.

Q: Are there any new rules for listing litters?

A: No. As mentioned above the existing rules for listing litters have not been changed and have been in place
for some time. The contact for listing litters is the BRCC (
isaabrcc@gmail.com) as indicated on the ISAA
web site, the Spring 2008 Health Bulletin and by special memo posted to the breeder chat room. BRCC
Committee members were noted in publications and are listed on the website.  

Q: Does ISAA follow AKC rules in regards to breeding?

A: Yes we follow AKC rules and follow stricter rules in some cases. The AKC does not require health
testing and allows for a much younger breeding age than the club does. The prior BOD set up the current
guidelines to protect our breed and allow for full maturation prior to breeding.  

Q: How does the ISAA Board of Directors (BOD) communicate information regarding BOD
meetings with members?

A: The BOD meets on a bimonthly basis. Past practice has not included the dissemination of minutes. We
changed that in January of this year when we included a summary of the minutes in a newsletter. The 2007
Annual Report will be delivered to members within the next few days. There has been some discussion about
changing the practice so that we disseminate minutes of each meeting. If you are interested in having minutes
disseminated following each meeting rather than a summery, please advise ISAA President Donna
McDermott via e mail at

Q: Has the litter listing fee become more expensive?

A: No, there have been no changes to the cost. The current fee is $100.00. The cost, as established by the
prior BOD, is based on a litter of 6 puppies. The fee includes a one-year ISAA membership, or membership
extension, for each puppy buyer and a donation to the ISAA rescue fund. More information, specific to this
issue, is available on the ISAA website in the Breeders Corner.

Q: How do people contact BOD members to discuss ideas, concerns or ask questions?

A: Our contact information is posted on both websites. We welcome feedback and questions; most
importantly, member participation.

Q: Is our membership shrinking or growing?

A: Since the new BOD was put in place, the club has 37 membership renewals, 35 new members, three new
lifetime members and two members who returned after a two year absence. As we move towards full AKC
acceptance, we have a strong membership base.

Q: What is the ISAA Breeding Review Committee (BRCC) and what does it do?

A: This committee was introduced on the ISAA website in Breeder's Corner, in the Breeders chat room and
in the Spring, 2008 ISAA Health bulletin. Committee members, tasks and goals are described there. The
BRCC's goals are adopted from Dr. Padgett's book, Control of Canine Genetic Diseases.

Q: Who is George Padgett and why should I be interested in what he has to say?

A: George A. Padgett, DVM, is a professor of pathology at Michigan State University and a well known
researcher, writer and lecturer on canine genetics. His book, Control of Canine Genetic Diseases, is a
reference that helps dog breeders understand this important subject. As mentioned in the Spring 2008 ISAA
Health Bulletin, a study group is forming to increase knowledge in this area.  

Q: How do ISAA members keep up with what is happening in the club?

A: The primary mode of information sharing is our two websites, www.icelanddogs.com and
www.is-pedigrees.com. Next, our quarterly newsletters and special bulletins such as the recently released
Health Bulletin, letters from the President and the ISAA Board of Directors (BOC), lastly, the chat rooms
offer another opportunity for communication. If you are not receiving the special bulletins or newsletter,
please contact Judi Vittetoe at pjvittetoe@comcast.net.

Q: Does the BOD communicate with the membership, send newsletters and other information?

A: Yes. In addition to the creation of the new Health and Genetics website (www.is-pedigrees.com), which
makes pedigree and health information accessible, the club joined the CHIC program which makes
alternative health information and vertical pedigrees publicly available to everyone. We have also sent out
two newsletters, a special health bulletin, Q & A emails, letters and informational emails to the group. In fact,
we have dedicated a special page on the website to that communication. If, for some reason, you have
missed any of that, it can all be found at

I hope this was helpful. Please provide feedback. We are posting all notices like this on the website. We
have created a new page for your review. It is a work in progress, but a good source of things you should
have received.
http://www.icelanddogs.com/ISAA-news.html. I will be in Iceland for a week, but look
forward to hearing from you all when I return.

Best regards,