Neck, Topline, Body
ISAA National 2009, BOB
Judge Guðrún R. Guðjohnsen wrote: Med (short) coat, fawn with white markings, good head, correct
bite, eyes are dark; a bit roundish, ears good size; a little far apart, chest good, front and back
angulation good, top line level and strong, tail good, correct movement; beautiful.
From the AKC Standard
May, 2008 DKK Show. Judge Hans-Åke Sperne wrote: VETERAN BITCH;
Very feminine and well bodied bitch. Good and well formed head with a beautiful
expression. Strong neck, matching legs, very well chest, a little to long lower back. Single
dew claws. Well placed tail. Very balanced in movement.
May, 2008 DKK Show. Judge Hans-Åke Sperne wrote:  MALE; VERY GOOD
Large stud with good proportions. Well shaped head and very expressive head. Correct
bite. Matching ears, fine neck, good chest and lower back. Well placed tail. Outwards paws
fore and hind, double dew claws on one hind leg, single on other. Overall nice, but could
have stronger legs to match this. Good coat.
Iceland, Sept. 1st 1996:  Champion quality,  Judge Sigrídur Pétursdóttir wrote: 42 cm
(16.54 in) Feminine bitch. Beautiful but could have a little more filling out of muzzle.
Ears well placed. Underjaw could be a bit stronger. Good neck. Well layed on
shoulders. Correct proportions of height and length. Good topline. Appropriate stifle
and thigh angulation. Enough hock angulation. Feet could be a bit more rounded.
Moves well in front a little close behind.

Iceland, July 27th 1997: Champion class, Judge Hans Åke Sperne wrote: Feminine
very well pigmented bitch with good proportions. Scissor bite. Well formed head.
Enough neck. Appropriate angulation. Excellent chest. Very good loin and croup. Well
placed, slightly short tail. Appropriate angulation in rear. Double dewclaws. Good coat
quality but not in the best condition on the day. Well presented but a little bit too fat.
Neck – Moderately long and muscular with no loose skin.  The neck is slightly arched and the head
is carried high. Body – rectangular and strong.  The length is in proportion to the height and in
harmony with general appearance. Back – level, muscular and strong. Loins – broad and muscular.
Croup – moderately short and broad, very slightly sloping and well-muscled. Chest – long, deep
and well-sprung. Belly – Slight tuck up. Tail – high set, curled over and touching the back.
Islandhunde im DCNH e.V (Germany). 2010. Best Dog (on left). Judge Hans-Ake Sperne
noted: Rather small male of excellent type, fantastic lines in the head, wonderful eyes, ear
set and ear size, full muzzle and excellent round scull, Correct bite, excellent double coat,
very good bone, sufficient angulation, well set tail that could be better curled more over the
middle of the back, the shoulder a bit put forward, good oval feet, double dewclaws that
can be better developed, balanced movement could be stronger in the front, excellent
temperament, very good presentation

Best Bitch (on right) Feminine, of excellent type, beautiful head with well formed eyes and
well placed ears, could be a bit stronger pigmentation, beautiful neck, angulation and top
line, excellent bone, well set tail that could be more curled over the middle of the back, well
developed low set double dewclaws, moves balanced, very nice temperament, well

September 20, 2009. ICHS - Switzerland. Show held in Hagen, Germany. Excellent. Judge
Hans-Ake Sperne noted: 40cm. A bit low on the legs, extremely feminine, beautiful lines in the
head and excellent expression. Nice body and bone. Very good coat. Well set tail but could
be carried with curl over the back. Nice dewclaws on the right, no veterinarian test*, moves
very balanced with good steps, dewclaws grown together on the left. Excellent temperament
and well presented.

*Dewclaws were removed on the right side after accident. Owner forgot Veterinarian's report.
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