The Icelandic Sheepdog International Cooperation (ISIC)

The ISIC is an international cooperation for the preservation of the Icelandic Sheepdog; specifically,
breeding linked to its origin, to abilities, health and type. The ISIC was founded in 1996 in
Bjuv/Sweden on the initiative of Hundaræktarfélag Íslands (HRFÍ), the Icelandic Kennel Club and
Deild Íslenska Fjárhundsins (DÍF), the Icelandic Breed Club.

The Icelandic Sheepdog International Cooperation/committee (ISIC/C)

The ISIC/C is the managing committee of the ISIC with responsibility for the activities during and
between the seminars. ISIC/C is a three person committee consisting of a chair, secretary and

ISIC Committees

The ISIC/C can appoint committees for special purposes. That is, to follow relationships, preserve
the genetic variation and/or original characteristics. Among the committees that may be active at any
time within the ISIC structure are:

The Committee for Genetics

The Committee for Mentality and Original Temperament

The Committee for Original Working Abilities,
including Herding and Guarding

Other ISIC Missions

The ISIC Database
Lathunden (the breeding program used by ISIC participating clubs
The ISIC Homepage

The ISIC Fund

Provides financing for lectures, courses and seminars for ISIC participating clubs.
ISIC Definitions