ISIC Guidelines

The American Kennel Club (AKC) is the national kennel club here in the United States that is
recognized by FCI so we meet the first goal.  

In regard to the third goal, the ISAA is working with the AKC, HRFI and the Icelandic ISD
club (DIF) to match our standard to the FCI standard as much as possible. Since ISIC is
made up of representatives of ten countries and includes international experts on the ISD and
its participants, there are hundreds of years of experience brought to that table--as judges,
breeders and owners of ISDs. Therefore, respecting the cooperation of the ISIC is a simple
matter. They have a lot to offer us as a relatively new breed club.

In regard to goal four, to respect the breeding recommendations approved by ISIC, our club,
especially the ISAA Breeding Review and Compliance Committee (BRCC) and club
breeders must engage in a discussion reviewing our guidelines, comparing them to the ISIC
recommendations and determine what changes we are willing to consider. ISIC is in the
process of forming a committee whose purpose is to evaluate the international breeding
situation. ISIC believes that evaluating similarities and differences over time will help us all to
see tendencies in the breed, especially using the ISIC database that countries are beginning to
maintain. This will give all of us an international perspective.