Release of Information

The Board of Directors of the Icelandic Sheepdog Association and the Breeding Review and Compliance Committee
(BRCC) are dedicated to maintaining the health of the Icelandic Sheepdog (ISD) in the United States. This requires
the keeping of accurate health records and maintaining the confidence of our membership and the International ISD
community. By requesting that the ISAA place your dog on this page, the breeder gives implied consent to the
BRCC to release information on this website. When contacted directly by those interested in purchasing a puppy,
the BRCC will only share health information from publicly documented sources; these include but are not limited to
CERF, OFA, PennHIP, and ISIC Member Club Annual Reports. Information that has not been publicly documented
will be released when the owner or breeder has given explicit permission to do so. The BRCC will not make
recommendations to those who inquire about puppies. Individuals who wish to gather more information will be
referred directly to the breeder page and the puppy pages.  

Release of information notice approved by BRCC on 3.18.08