Welcome to the Breeder's Corner
ISAA Breeding Review and Compliance Committee  (BRCC)
They say that, on average, breeders are active for five years. This means that there are often new
breeders coming into the breeding arena and experienced breeders leaving. While experienced
breeders have learned many things through practice as well as trial and error, good breeders also
educate themselves through reading, research and seminars in addition to hand-on experience.
This breeders’ corner hopes to help you by collecting resources in one spot for you to use to educate
yourself and as a jumping off place to begin or continue your learning experience. We invite you to
become familiar with the information provided in the links to the left.
The BRCC is also available to you as a resource via email. We will be happy to suggest areas of
study and to provide you with some research regarding inbreeding co-efficients (IC %) and a trial
pedigree when you are thinking about producing a litter.
       Advocating the registration of all purebred Icelandic Sheepdogs.
•        Tracking health information through research, surveys and self reporting.
•        Encouraging owners to allow their dogs to participate in health research studies is we believe    
there is a possibility toward improving the breed.
•        Publishing health testing results each year in the ISAA newsletter.
       Authoring articles and finding articles of interest to publish in the ISAA newsletter that address
health and genetics topics.
       Collecting applications from breeders to become ISAA approved breeders and to list and track  
       Gathering information and maintaining current data on breeding pairs and offspring for the  
ISAA and ISIC annual reports.
       Acting as liaison to other ISD parent clubs.
       Completing other duties as assigned by the ISAA Board of Directors
Please feel free to contact us with suggestions, questions and information at isaabrcc@gmail.com