Breeder ensures the following: (See Breeding Guidelines for details)

1.        Both sire and dam are registered with AKC, CKC or FCI.

2.        The breeder must be an ISAA member to list a litter. (There is no requirement that the stud dog owner be an ISAA member.)

3.        The number of offspring from a single male should be no more than 35 and the number of offspring for a single female should be no more than 25.

4.        Both males and females must be at least 24 months of age before being bred.

5.        For females, their reproductive life should end at the end of their 8th year of age. Females should have at least one season between litters or a minimum of 9 months since the birth of her last litter.
Females should not exceed 2 litters in a 24 month period. No drugs should be administered to alter their natural cycles.

6.        Cryptorchid or monorchid males should not be used for breeding.

7.        Only dogs that can mate in the natural way should be used for breeding. If artificial insemination is being used, if they have not mated naturally in the past, a
responsible veterinarian should certify that the male and female can mate naturally

8.        All information from prior litters has been submitted to the ISAA BRCC using the
Checklist for Litter Information Form or including the information  from that form.

9.        Health testing requirements are completed before the mating takes place.
a.        Verified OFA or PennHIP check for Hip Dysplasia (HD).  
b.        A current, verified CERF exam (within the 12 months prior to breeding).
c.        Elbow x-rays are recommended but not required.

10.      Breeder completes and submits ISAA Application for Litter Listing to the BRCC.

Breeding Review and Compliance Committee (BRCC) ensures the following:

1.        Compliance with breeding requirements listed above

2.        Membership

3.         Other related issues

4.        A pedigree for the litter and inbreeding coefficient scores for generations five through ten will be generated.

5.        BRCC contacts breeder to advise breeder if litter listing is approved or reasons the litter listing was not approved.

6.        Litters meeting all the requirements will be listed as: “Meets ISAA Requirements”.   Litters that do not meet the requirements will be listed as “Does Not Meet ISAA Requirements”.  

7.        Litter is posted on website in appropriate section.

8.        Once the Litter Information Form has been submitted to the BRCC, puppy buyers will receive their memberships.