This discussion group is for members of the Icelandic Sheepdog Association of America (ISAA) to discuss topics
related to living with, breeding, showing, caring for, playing with and most importantly loving Icelandic
Sheepdogs. It is also a place where members can share interests, pictures, questions, information and fun stories
related to our dogs, and get to know other members and breeders who share the same love for the breed.

We welcome and encourage nonmembers who are interested in learning about the breed or are considering
bringing an Icelandic Sheepdog into their lives to join the discussion group by becoming a member and gaining
access to the knowledge held by longtime members and those sharing lives with this amazing breed. You will
also receive special bulletins and the ISAA newsletter.

If you are considering adding an Icelandic Sheepdog to your family, the small investment, equal to one meal out
with the family, will provide you with fantastic information. The commitment to a dog is a lifetime commitment
and a large financial investment. We encourage you to make this small investment prior to making this

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The ISAA discussion group is hosted by the Icelandic Sheepdog Association of America (ISAA). ISAA neither
agrees nor disagrees with any statement made on this bulletin board. All statements are the responsibility of the
submitting party. Please remember this is a public forum, postings shall be courteous and not contain personal

The ISAA does not endorse the sale of puppies that do not have health checks and do not meet our breeding
standards. These standards were put into place to safeguard the breed as much as that is possible. ISAA breeders
comply with these rules and test dogs, bitches and pups at considerable expense because they support the breed's
continued health. Please consider insuring that any puppy you purchase is found on our "for sale" page. Those
puppies meet ISAA breeding and health guidelines.
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