HINDQUARTERS: When seen from behind the hind legs are straight, parallel and strong.
Thighs – Broad and well-muscled. Dewclaws – Required. Well-developed double dewclaws desirable.
Hind feet – Same as forefeet.
Faults – No dewclaws.
SIFK’s Special Show in Borås 1 July 2007 - Judge Sigríður Pétursdóttir  
wrote 43 cm tall. Female bitch of good size. Wish a little bit shorter
foreface. Good neck and upstanding. Stabile body. A bit falling croup.
Enough angles in front and rear. Good fur. Double dew claws.
From the AKC Standard
BOS and BOB with Judge Hans-Ake Sperne. Sweden
Denmark 2008: Judge Hans-Åke Sperne commented: A feminine bitch,
correct head, lovely expression for the breed, correct bite, good carriage
and topline, good tail carriage, good legs, fine proportions, double dew
claws, light and supple movements, correct coat, well shown.
Hanstholm, Denmank May, 2008. Judge Hans-Ake Sperne stated: Very
well-bodied bitch, feminine expression and type. Well shaped ears and adequate
eyes, excellent pigmentation, good neck, well-developed chest, loin slightly long,
single dewclaws, balanced movements, carries tail well.
© Used with permission D. Reitzel.
© Used with permission.  
ISAA National 2009.  Bitch, American Bred - Judge Guðrún R.
Guðjohnsen noted: coat-med. length, reddish fawn with white, dark
mask, head-triangular, bite-correct, eyes-dark,chest-wish better
sprung, front angulation-could be better, back angulation-good,
top line-level, tail-well curved, movement-moves well.
© Used with permission.  
© Used with permission.  
© Used with permission D. Reitzel.