Test Your Knowledge of the Icelandic Sheepdog and the
History of the Breed
Fun with History #1

    1.Who am I?: International judge, one of three recognized experts on the Icelandic Sheepdog (ISD) & widely
    considered to be the Savior of the Breed. Is said to have received death threats for her work with the ISD.

    Quote: “This is why it is so important to keep the Iceland Dog unchanged from what they looked like years ago,
    like in the picture Mark Watson made for me. That is the correct Iceland Dog, like the copper etching. It is a
    copper etching that was used around 1900 and Mark Watson bought it for me.” Also said, “On my land, [the
    Iceland Dogs herd] three together, one collects the difficult [sheep] and the male moves the whole thing. The
    bitches collect and he pushes. It is such a beautiful thing to see. This is the job of the Iceland Dog. This is correct.
    This has been the natural way for them to work throughout the centuries.”

    2.What am I?: In 1994 the Icelandic Kennel Club and the Icelandic breed club after many years of work,
    succeeded in convincing the Icelandic Parliament, the  A _ _ _ _ _ _ i, that it was a national responsibility to
    preserve the Icelandic Sheepdog as an inheritance of Icelandic culture.

    3.Who am I?: Founder of Icelandic Sheepdog International Cooperation, the Icelandic Kennel Club and one of
    three experts on the ISD. Was long time president of ISD Breed Club in Iceland. Now sits on ISIC Committee
    (Board of Directors) and is considered “the responsible” for the ISIC. Kennel name is translated to English as
    “Iceland’s Garden”.

    Quote: “The cultural inheritance of the Iceland Dog is much more important and long lasting than a single lifetime of
    a human being.”

    Extra point: Bred the first conformation champion ISD. What was his name? Hint: he is in many of our pedigrees.

    4.Who am I?: Breeder of first ISD litters in the U.S.A. Also considered one of the breed’s saviors. Much
    beloved in Iceland for his generous fiscal and physical support of the preservation of the ISD, the Icelandic Horse
    and among other things, the funding of restoration of one of the most famous old turf houses (now a major tourist
    destination) in Iceland. He also gifted a veterinary hospital to Iceland. Was an Englishman. Was the son of a Baron
    (Joseph) and a Lady (Francis) and therefore was given the title of “Honorable”. “His keen interest in the Iceland
    Dog was life long and one might even say that the preservation of this particular breed was due, in many ways, to
    his help and intervention.” [Anna Snorradóttir]. Iceland bestowed him with the “Grand Knight’s Star” for his
    pioneering work.

    Xtra point: He went by his middle name. What was his first? (not on website)
    Xtra point: His fortune came from where? (not on website)

    5.What am I?: Name of 1500 acre farm in Iceland where pioneer breeding was done at request of the Icelandic
    Government. Hint: Kennel names are often taken from the farm name.

    6.Where am I?: Location of kennel where ISDs were imported to the U.S.A. in cooperation with work done in
    Iceland in the 1950s. (use pedigree generator, insert IS00026/69)

    Extra point: Name the kennel

    7.What am I?: Iceland’s Kennel Club [Equivalent to AKC]

    One point for initials
    Two points for spelled out

    8.What am I?: Iceland’s ISD Breed Club (Parent Club)

    One point for initials
    Two points for spelled out

    9.What am I?: Organization founded in 1996 to preserve the ISD in Iceland. (Trick question)

    10.What am I?: Organization founded to preserve the ISD internationally.

    One point for initials
    Two points for spelled out

    11.Who am I?: AKC judge who also judges internationally. Received honorary lifetime membership to ISAA in
    2007.  Whelped some of the first litters of ISDs in the U.S.A. Has volunteered to judge at our first National show.
    Currently breeds Pugs and Alaskan Malamutes. Partner is the much beloved Ed.

    12.Who am I?: Scientist hired by ISIC to research breeding practices of the ISD. Creator of Genetica breeding
    program, used by ISIC countries. Several of his articles are on the ISAA website.

    13.Who am I?: International Judge who lives in Sweden who is the third recognized ISD expert. Sits on ISIC
    Committee (Board of Directors). Coined the term: “The four legs of the table” regarding sound breeding practices.

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Genius -----------------You got all 20  
Expert -----------------You got 17-19 Correct
Doctor -----------------You got 15-16 Correct
Honor’s Graduate ----- You got 10-14 Correct
Intermediate –----------You got 8-9 Correct
Novice – ---------------You got 3-7 Correct
Hit the Books/Website –You got 1-2 Correct