Please feel free to download these and copy them as needed.
We have provided two different styles, flyer 3 is B/W.

The ISAA supports and encourages those who wish to promote the Icelandic Sheepdog (ISD) by
volunteering to work at breed booths and other related events. To make it easier for volunteers who work
at breed booths, two flyers were designed by member volunteers and have been posted to the website.
Both can be downloaded and copied.

Other booth supplies are available by contacting the BOD at Please allow sufficient
time for mailing.

In an effort to further support member volunteers, on June 3, 2008, a Motion was made that ISAA
reimburse any expenditures for copies of the flyers utilized at breed booths to promote the ISAA.
Expenditures for such copies will be reimbursed up to $35 per event. This money cannot be used for the
promotion of personal kennels and the volunteer agrees that no changes to the flyers will be made.
The motion was carried.

The BOD does not object to volunteers providing personal literature/business cards that promote their
kennel but does not believe this should be financed using club funds.

Those who wish to be reimbursed must submit a request to the board at
isaabod@gmail and receive
board approval of the expenditure at least two weeks prior to the event.

We appreciate all that our member volunteers do to support the ISD.