Question: Is this a table or ramp breed?

Answer: When we were working on the standard revision, we asked this
question of the country of origin and the response was resoundingly, "no". In
the FCI countries, the dog is judged on the ground as the Iceland Dog is a
working breed
Hans-Ake Sperne judging the Icelandic Sheepdog 2008.
© Used with permission.
Question: At what speed should the judge move the dogs in the ring?

Answer: At a nice smooth trot. The Iceland Dog should display agility and endurance with good
driving action and cover the ground effortlessly. As one of our expert judges said during an AKC
Judges Education event, "Don't be afraid to move them out so that you can see them move. This
is a working breed." That judge then moved the group around the ring twice and it was a beautiful
site to the observer.
Question: Should a wicket be used in the ring?

Answer: Because there is not a DQ for height, the judge cannot measure the dog in the ring. In
the photo below, AKC Judge Diane Anderson and FCI Judge Guðrún R. Guðjohnsen are
measuring a bitch during a ISAA Judges Education Seminar as AKC judges look on. That is a
perfect way to attune the eye outside of the show ring. Otherwise, if the judge is attending a show
and not judging the breed that day, s/he can ask one of the individuals there with an ISD if they
would mind going over to the superintendent's table and measuring the dog. Superintendents
should have a wicket available at shows. Please read this for more information:
© Brynja Tomer.  Used with permission
Lack of pigment
Question: What other clubs are responsible for the breed internationally/approved by FCI? Where can
I go to get more information about the breed from official clubs?

Answer: They are below. Please click blue button.
Icelandic Sheepdog International Cooperation
Iceland Sheepdog Club - Deild Íslenska Fjárhundsins  (DÍF)
Swiss Icelandic Sheepdog - Islandhundeclub Schweiz
Danish Icelandic Sheepdog Club - Islandsk Fårehundeklub
Finnish Icelandic Sheepdog Club –  Islanninkoirat Islandshundarna
German Icelandic Sheepdog Club - Islandhunde im DCNH e.V
Dutch Icelandic Sheepdog Club - Vereniging de Ijslandse Hond in Nederland
Norwegian Icelandic Sheepdog Club - Norsk Islandhund Klubb
Swedish Icelandic Sheepdog Club - Svenska Isländsk Fårhund Klubben
Icelandic Sheepdog Association of America – “Home Page”