COLOR: Several colors are permitted but a single color should always be predominant.
The predominant colors are:
various shades of tan, ranging from cream to reddish brown; chocolate brown, grey, and black.
White always accompanies the predominant color. The most common white markings, which
are often irregular, are a blaze or a part of the face, collar, chest, socks of varying lengths and
tip of tail. Lighter shading often occurs on the underside of the dog from throat to tip of tail. On
tan and grey dogs, a black mask, black tips to the outer hairs and even occasional black
hairs often occur. Black (tri-color) dogs have a black coat, white markings as mentioned above
and traditional markings in any of the various tan colors on the cheeks, over the eyes
(eyebrows) and on the legs. Patches of the above colors on a white background (pied) are
permitted. White should not be totally predominant. Fault – a solid black mantle or saddle
on any of the tan colored dogs.
Long Coat,  Color: Fawn with White Markings
Judge Guðrún R. Guðjohnsen wrote: Coat: Pied, Long length, too wavy, Head: triangular,
good expression, Bite/Mouth: Correct, Eyes: Dark, beautiful, Ears: good, bit wide apart,
Chest: good, Front angulation: good, back angulation: good, Topline: level, Movement:
good, [moves] well

2009 ISAA National . Altered Bitch, Judge Guðrún R. Guðjohnsen wrote: Coat: long,
reddish with black tips and black markings; Head: triangular; Bite/Mouth: correct; Eyes:
Good/Dark; Ears: Good; Chest: Well sprung; Front angulation: good; Back angulation:
good; Topline: Level and Strong; Tail: Correct; Movement: [moves] well, good
Open Bitch at ISAA National 2009

2009 ISAA National, Open Male. Judge Guðrún R. Guðjohnsen wrote: Coat: Med
length, Black Tricolor; Head: good; Bite/Mouth: Correct; Eyes: Dark; Ears: Correct
size, a bit far apart (broad); Chest: good; Front angulation: good; Back angulation:
good; Topline: Level & Strong; Tail: Correct; Movement: Beautiful
SIFK’s Special Show in Borås 1 July 2007 - Judge Sigríður Pétursdóttir wrote: 46
cm tall. Very  masculine male with good expression. Well set neck and upstanding.
Stabile body. Good shoulders. Wish a little more angles in rear. Well set and
carried tail. Very good bones. Beautiful color. Strong paws. Double dew claws.
Very fine movements.
From the AKC Standard
American Bred at ISAA National 2009
Judge Guðrún R. Guðjohnsen wrote: Overall impression - reddish-fawn with white markings,
coat: medium long, head: triangular, little [bit] broad skull, bite/mouth: correct, eyes:  beautiful
dark eyes, ears: A bit too large, chest: good, front Angulation: could be better, back
angulation: could be better, top line: good and level, tail: correct,  movement: good.
May, 2008 DKK Show. Judge  Hans-Åke Sperne wrote: INTERMEDIATE CLASS
Rather big and overall very well bodied bitch. Well shaped and strong head with well shaped
dark eyes. Excellent neck, that matches the dog. Double dew claws. Good coat quality.
Croup too sloping. Low set tail. Balanced movement, but a little open hind. Open tail.
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2009 ISAA National. Puppy - Judge Guðrún R. Guðjohnsen wrote: Coat: Medium (short),
too soft and wavy, pied, too much white; Head: triangular; Bite/mouth: correct; Eyes: dark
and good; Ears: a bit too big and far apart; Chest: well sprung for age; Frontangulation: good;
Back angulation: good; Topline: level; Tail: okay; Movement: good; Temperament too weak.
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HRFÍ (Icelandic Kennel Club) show 22.08.09. Champion class. Judge Sigríður Pétursdóttir
comments - Especially well made and feminine bitch. Well angulated front and back. High set
and well curled tail. Moves very well. Excellent.

HRFÍ show 23.08.09. Champion class. Judge Guðrún R. Guðjohnsen comments - A worthy
champion. Prima pigmentation. Very good neck and topline. High set tail and well curled.
Normal angulation, good coat. Double dew-claws, could be stronger. Very nice overall picture
and proportion in body. Effortless and beautiful movements. Excellent.
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Color: Light tan, grayish with half a white face.
"Correct pigment, coat color and eye color for a chocolate dog."
This dog was used on DIF's color poster (see below).
Leirhvítur Bitch - Leirhvitur dogs are very light cream with brown pigmentation.
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The same bitch in winter coat.
DÍF show 17.07.2004 Judge : Sigríður Pétursdóttir noted: Excellent, Champion
quality. 43.5 cm. at withers. Feminine and good looking bitch with rather a good
head, but could have a slightly shorter muzzle. Good neck, shoulders and back.
High set tail though it lies rather down on the back (not well curled). Good chest
and well made rib cage, well angulated front and back. Double dew-claws.
Colour : Cream (Leirhvít), pied, eyes rather light but nose, eye rims and lips in
harmony with colour. Good harsh coat. Moves very well.
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Color: Red with White and Black
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Color: "gulgrár kolóttur" which means yellow/grey with collar.
In Denmark, she is called "grey with white".