Breeder Approval Process
ISAA is a partner club of the Icelandic Sheepdog International Cooperation (ISIC) and so follows the ISIC international Icelandic Sheepdog
breeding recommendations as a part of the ISAA breeding guidelines.  As such, we respect and follow the Icelandic Sheepdog FCI standard as
originally issued and maintained by the Icelandic Kennel Club (HRFI).

Our AKC standard is closely modeled on this standard and endorsed by Deild Islenska Fjárhundsins (DIF), the Icelandic national club for Icelandic
Sheepdogs. For more information, please see the illustrated standard
and the AKC breed standard

As a full participant club in ISIC, benefits include participation in the ISIC annual seminar and international contacts, on who we can call when the
need arises. The breeding portion of the seminar brings together breeding information and data from the breeding committees of each of the FCI
Icelandic Sheepdog clubs and the ISAA. Experts provide relevant breeding data and scientific studies are funded by the ISIC. The ISAA has made a
great deal of this information available on the club website and continues to add information as it becomes
available. This is a tremendous resource to our breeders and stud owners.

The 2016 breeder agreement (see button below) sets out what is required to be an ISAA approved breeder/stud owner. Approved breeders/stud
dog owners are listed on the ISAA breeder/stud pages of the club website at no charge. The ISAA website is a tremendous free advertising resource.

We invite you to complete the following steps to ensure that you are listed as an ISAA approved breeder/stud dog owner.  

1.     Review the ISAA breeding guidelines (see link below).
2.     Review the breeder agreement (see link below)
3.     If you desire to become or continue to be listed as an approved breeder/stud owner, complete the breeder agreement, and
sign the required section.
4.     Unless you have submitted them previously, make sure you have all of the required submittal documents as listed in the agreement
(registration, hip and eye tests, photos). Send them via US mail to the address provided or you can scan and email them to the BRCC.
5.     Once you are approved as a breeder/stud dog owner for the year, you will received a congratulations email from the BRCC and a logo
jpeg, which you can post on your website or blog identifying you as an ISAA approved breeder for the current year.

To contact the Icelandic Sheepdog Association of America’s Breeding Review and Compliance Committee (BRCC)
please send an email to

We look forward to hearing from you.