Holly Kilpatrick presents
the judges and other
volunteers with tiles
made at Stonecrop
Everyone meeting for the first time.
Lots of smiles and happy moments.
So nice to put faces to names.
Thorri (owned by Spike
Williamson) "guards' the
President's room.
A lovely profile of Veteran ISD
Thorri (owned by Spike
A super super ring
steward, Lori Spink,
ran a tight ship.
Thank you, Lori for
all you did.
Gail Donaldson and
Kimberly Hart try to keep
warm with Runestone
Truffle (owned by Holly
Judges and Ring Stewards. L to R:
Pat Putman, Guðrún Guðjohnsen,
ISAA President Donna McDermott,
Lead Ring steward Lori Spink, Lulu
and Diane Anderson
ISAA Board of Directors with
National Judges
L to R: Diane Anderson, Maggý
Pease, Judi Vittetoe, Shellie
Greyhavens, Spike Williamson,
Peg Johnson, Guðrún
Guðjohnsen, Pat Putman,
Donna McDermott
ISAA Board of Directors:
Maggý Pease, Judi Vittetoe, Shellie
Greyhavens, Spike Williamson,
Peg Johnson, Donna McDermott
Diane loves the dogs and the
dogs love her. At left, Brynja
Tomer. (Dog is Heimskauts Eydis
owned by Leticial Watts)
Nýlendu Spurðanella moves around
the ring
Lead Ring Steward , Lori Spink,
shares some down time with Spike
Diane Anderson presents a
gift to the club of an old black
and white photograph of an
ISD. (L to R: Diane
Anderson, ISAA President,
Donna McDermott, Diane
AKC/FCI Judge Diane
Anderson and FCI Judge
Guðrún Guðjohnsen share a
happy moment. Diane judged
the second show of the Iceland
Dog in Iceland in 1985 and they
are old and abiding friends.
Diane, Guðrún and Brynja share a
light moment following the Icelandic
The Nýlendu crew at the meet
and greet table L to R: Hnúks
Birta (aka Snotra), Nýlendu
Spurðanella (aka Nella),
Kersins Spurðann (aka Spud).
Background: Jeff Pease, Peg
Johnson, Spike Williamson
and Thorri.
President, Donna
McDermott welcomes
everyone to the 1st
ISAA National.
Judges are presented with ISD tiles
by Holly Kilpatrick. What a
generous and beautiful gift.
Laura Ford and Julie Gohs
enjoying good company.
Markus does his job for
Alison by testing the steak.
What a good boy!
Spike says, "No, Guðrún, this
restaurant doesn't serve
lamb's head. Sorry."
Pat and Brynja share a laugh
while talking about Mark
Maggý and Peg enjoying
good company.
Shellie and Brynja discuss farm
life during some down time.
Donna and Shellie
Peg at the welcome desk.
Lori, Lulu and Pat
Fulton county cow