Icelandic Contest
Judges: Þórður, Maggý, Brynja, and Guðrún
"Wow, that is a difficault name to
Icelandic Competition Judges L to
R: Thordur Runólfsson, Maggý
Pease, Brynja Tomer and Guðrún
Thordur, Maggý and Brynja share
a laugh as contestants try to say,
Hundaræktarfélag Íslands.
Donna tries to say Kolrassa
Krókríðandi but is kicked out of
competition by judges.
Guðrún Guðjohnsen tries to keep
a straight face as she listens.
Finalists in Icelandic competition
(L to R: Kathryn
Ananda-Owens, Kimberly Hart
and Holly Kilpatrick)
Holly gives it a go and took the
Winner: Holly Kilpatrick
Icelandic contest
Ashton & Dagný