Runners up in Jr.
Handling (L to R: Ruben
Swartz Handler with
Arbakki Snorri and
Handler Paloma Watts
with Heimskauts Eydis)
Nat'l Speciality BOB Winner,
Thrymheim's Ljotur with
Owner/Handler Julie Gluck.
Ljortur also took Best American
Bred Dog under Diane
Anderson and 2nd place Open
Male under Pat Putman.
Congratulations Julie and
Guðrún Guðjohnsen Judges
Lavandel's Galdur
(Owner/Handler Judi Vittetoe)
Winner of BOS, Berit
Björk with owner
handler Peg Johnson.
Guðrún Guðjohnsen
congratulates Julie Gluck as
BOB winner while Thordur
Runólfsson looks on.
Guðrún Guðjohnsen judges Nosi
(owner/handler Gail Donaldson)
Best Altered Dog,
Nosi with handler Gail
Donaldson at left.
Nat'l Speciality Jr.
Handler Winner
Ashton Ginther with
Eyjahunda Dagný
Bjarkarkots Hrói Höttur
Luke takes Best Puppy
under Guðrún Guðjohnsen.
Owner/Handler Loren
National Speciality
Judge Guðrún Ragnars Guðjohnsen
3 October 2009
Pine Plains Bella is 4th
place in Open Class
(owner/handler Shellie
Owner/Handler Leticia
Watts and Heimskauts
Eydis took Best American
Bred Bitch and Best
American Bred Overall
under Judge Guðrún
Owner/handler Penny Kelley shows
Valhalla's Heart of Gold in American
Bred Female class where she placed
second under Guðrún Guðjohnsen
L to R: Heimskauts Eydis (1st place
bitch and winner American Bred Class)
with Leticia Watts, Sand Creed Maeja
(4th place bitch) with breeder/handler
Bill Shelton and Valhalla's Heart of Gold
(2nd place bitch) with owner/handler
Penny Kelley.
Judge Guðrún Guðjohnsen
examines the bite of
Runestone Truffle who took
3rd in the American Bred
Bitches class with
owner/handler Holly
Best 12-18 bitch puppy,
Nýlendu Spurðanella with
breeder/handler Maggý
Sólhundur Tindra
Óskastjarna with handler
Kimberly Hart shows her
stuff in the Open Female
ring under Judge Guðrún
Belglen Röskva and handler
Laura Ford compete in open
bitch class under Guðrún
Pine Plains Bella took 4th
place under Judge Guðrún
Guðjohnsen in Open Bitch
class with owner/handler
Shellie Greyhavens
Thrymheim's Ljótur with handler/owner, Julie Gluck, Judge Guðrún Guðjohnsen and Best of Opposite,
Berit "The Bear" Björk with owner/handler Peg Johnson.
Bitch Berit Bjork who also
took Best Opposite SexBest
Altered: Male - Nosi &
Best Veteran: Thorri with
owner/handler Spike
Williamson & Best Veteran
Bitch Vittetoes Valkyrie
Arnardottir with
breeder/handler Judi Vittetoe
Ljótur says, "Hey mom,
what's all the fuss about?
Let's go play!"
Thrymheims Ljótur took
BOB under judge Guðrún
Guðjohnsen with
owner/handler Julie Gluck
Ring steward, Donna takes note
of Judge Guðrún Guðjohnsen's
comments regarding a dog.
Each dog was judged in the
European style and participants
received written feedback
regarding how their dog
compared to each section of the
standard from all three judges.
L to R: Thrymheim's Ljótur
(owner/handler Julie Gluck),
Kersins Spurðann
(owner/handler Jeff Pease),
Pine Plains Gylfi
(owner/handler Megg
Hoffman), Arbakki Snorri
(owner/handler Tina Carney)
Guðrún looking the girls over
in Open Bitch Class.
Guðrún moves the Open Bitch Class
into final order

1st: Slezak Farms Betsy
(owner/handler Loren Dribinsky)
2nd: Gardner Ridge Meyja
(owner/handler Julie Gohs)
3rd: Hnúks Birta (owner/handler
Maggý Pease)
4th: Pine Plains Bella (owner/handler
Shellie Greyhavens)
Cheryl Shelton and Sand
Creek Bibi compete in
the Open Bitch class
Julie Gohs and Gardner
place in Open Bitch